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I arrived back home early this morning and whilst it was hard saying goodbye to my loved ones in the UK, it was amazing to be back with my family. When I left to go and see my Dad I didn’t intend to be gone for quite as long as I was, but, being my Dad’s next of kin meant I had quite a lot to do and so I had to extend my time there.

My children were so happy to see me, as was I to see them of course. Sometimes I wonder if they are more excited to see me or because they know I always come with gifts! Just like most times when I am in the UK I have some lovely people who give me gifts to bring for the children, this time I brought back puzzles, DVDs, books, stickers, action figures, beaded sets and some chocolate treats. The children are still on their Easter break and won’t be returning to school for another 1.5 weeks, perfect as we will have plenty of quality time together.

It is lovely to be back but I had to tell them that their Grandad had passed away, I kept this information from them whilst I was away because I felt I needed to be here with them to support them through their grief. It was hard telling them and lots of tears were shed, my eldest’s words were ‘But I didn’t get to say goodbye.’ This just tore at my heart, I so wish they would have had the chance of one last hug, their Grandad loved them so much. When I was nine years old my older brother passed away, my children know all about their Uncle Adam so my eldest also said, ‘Now two people from our family have died, that is not fair.’ I have to agree that it is far from fair, I am just 29 years old and I have had to bury my Brother and my Father already, however, the fact that Adam would have been there waiting to welcome our Dad gives my broken heart some comfort and I tried to explain this to the children too.

For now though, the kids are all tucked up in bed and I am exhausted so I am headed there too!

Night, night x

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