Birthday Celebrations for Bella

My Isabella turned 8 on March 2nd 2018, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be here to celebrate with her. Yesterday was Bella’s day, although I had told her we would celebrate ‘at some point’, I didn’t tell her exactly when & so she woke up in the morningĀ to balloons and banners everywhere and a few presents to open, she was a very happy girlie!!

I was up untilĀ 2:30am Saturday night making the cake, blowing up balloons, sticking banners & wrapping presents. It wasn’t until the last minute I realised that we had no sellotape (doesn’t matter how much of that stuff I buy, it always disappears). So I cut up pieces from a lint roller to use as sellotape and we only had christmas wrapping paper, Bella couldn’t care less though so nor could I!

Here is a little life hack for you, if you need to use a lint roller as sellotape, use a toilet roll as a holder otherwise it sticks to EVERYTHING!

For Bella’s cake I did a rainbow cake which she LOVED…

…I dread to think how many e numbers were in that cake!

Bella was very lucky because her best friend from the US is in town so she came to join the birthday fun! We had presents in the morning followed by playing, snacks and fun at lunch time then we had a movie with popcorn. Once it was dark I got out some light up balloons which the children had a lot of fun with before we read Bella’s three new books and went to bed and today, Monday morning, was back to school!!

Peace and love, Claire x

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