Buy Some Knitted Items and Support Us

My Mother’s sister has two daughters who are both a little younger than me, Katherine and Sarah, we grew up very close.Both Katherine and Sarah are very artistic and enjoy knitting. Recently they have set up a Facebook page ‘Knitted Things of all Shapes and Sizes’. Here they sell their knitted creations and take custom orders with all proceeds coming straight to the children and I for our day to day living expenses, how great is that!?

Left to right: Katherine, Myself and Sarah (2013)

All our family in the UK are just as desperate for us to move back as we are. Although several of our family and friends have come to visit us here in Tanzania I long for the day when we live close enough to spend days together taking walks on the beach, having BBQs together, celebrating Christmases and Birthdays together and for my kids to get to know their family.

Thank-you Katherine and Sarah for getting finger aches to support us, you guys are amazing.

I encourage my readers to click here  and make an order, their quality is fab and prices are very good and you will know your money is going to a very good cause.


Peace and love, Claire x

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