Detailed Expenses

Here are the exact details of our expenses so you can see why I have put our total at £34,000. It is really hard to predict our expenses as costs are constantly changing here, for eg. passports have recently tripled in price, I have estimated the UK Lawyer as her fees are by the hour and there really is no knowing how many months we will be here before getting the visas.

The below expenses include £5,000 in account as my Lawyer has advised me that I will need to show that I have this much in my account when we apply for the visas, as, for obvious reasons, I can not move to the UK with nothing in my account.

Other section includes necessities which are hard to predict such as, trips to Dar Es Salaam for visa applications, maintenance on our rented property when we leave so we leave it as we received it, plus expenses involved in getting the money that we need to use in Tanzania here such as bank fees, ATM charges, etc.

Monthly expenses includes rent, car costs, food, gas, electricity and salary for two staff members. Some people may ask why I have two staff members, let me explain. One is a security guard, it is common practice here to have a guard patrolling your house at night, I would not feel safe without him. The other is a lady who helps around the house with cooking, cleaning and most importantly childcare. Again, it is common practice here to employ this kind of help, she has been with us for a long time and has been very loyal to me. The main reason I still need her help is because I trust her 100% with the children so when I need to attend Lawyers meetings and if/ when I need to go to Dar, I know the children are safe with her. She is the person I left the children with in my recent trip to the UK and if I did not have her I wouldn’t have made it to see my Dad. We are already working on getting her set up in a business and I hope to do the same for my guard so that when I am gone they will still have an income. There monthly salaries combined totals around £125, exchange rate depending.

Tanzanian Lawyer 3,432
 UK Lawyer  5,500
Passports 462
Flights 3,500
Visas 5,950
Money in Account 5,000
Monthly Expenses x 7 7,000
Other 3,156
Total 34,000