Grateful for Friends

I am not very good at taking time out for myself but when my lovely friends in Wales offered for me to stay with them I knew I had to go. With the mad rush to get here to be with Dad, Dad passing away and everything there is to do after someone dies I knew I needed to take some time for myself.

So on Thursday I drove to a cute little Welsh village and spent three nights with my friends. We didn’t do much really except eat, sleep and watch rubbish on TV but it was perfect, exactly what I needed.

At a time like this it is easy to focus on all the negativity and the grief but I do think it is very important to try to pick out the positive things in life. As I sit and reflect on the last few weeks I am so very thankful for having such amazing friends, to the one who was prepared to take over my speech at the funeral if I felt I was unable, the friend who dressed me and made sure I had something to eat at the funeral, the friend who brought me food when I didn’t want to leave my Dad’s side, those who sent me messages and came round to listen and those who have listened and made me tea as I have shed more tears than I ever felt possible and to said friends in Wales who gave me exactly what I needed, a few nights away. I am incredibly thankful to you all, each of you have in one way or another made the past few weeks just a little easier to bare.

Sunday morning we woke up to a blanket of white in Wales, luckily it wasn’t so bad and I did manage to drive home safely.

Peace and love, Claire x

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