Meet our Family

Left to right: Isabella, Layla, Mummy, Alfie and Jack at the front.

Here is my beautiful family:

Claire, Me, Mummy. I grew up in England but came for my first visit to Tanzania in 2009, landing on New Year’s Eve. I actually moved here in June 2011. I am a lover of children, reading, being creative, sewing and photography.

Alfie. The eldest of the four Alfie was born November 2008, Claire and Alfie met and fell in love in December 2009 but became a family in October 2011. Alfie is a thinker who asks 100 questions a day, he loves school and is very sporty and creative.

Layla. Layla was born August 2009, she and Claire met in December 2009 and becamse a family in December 2011. Layla is very tall for her age and is often mistaken for being older than she is. She is a Mother hen who loves to dote on children younger than her and help around the house.

Isabella. Bella, as we call her, was born in March 2010 and came to live with Claire in March 2012, at the time she was two years old and a tiny 10lbs. She grew and thrived and now she is a slightly shorter than average 8 year old who is very affectionate. She adores animals and is a very keen and confident swimmer.

Jack. Jack was born in October 2012 and joined the family at just ten days young, he was premature and so tiny. Jack is a Mummy’s boy who loves Lego, Batman, Spiderman and TMNT. We call him our bread monster because if he had his own way he would eat bread from morning until night!

This is our immediate family but over the seven years I have lived here I have fostered many babies and young children. My children have always been ready to welcome a child in need into our family. We also have made an extended family out of our friends, both local and ex pats, some of whom have returned to their home countries so we are now very lucky to have loved ones spread all around the globe.

Peace and love, Claire x