Introducing Me…

A picture of me, so you know who I am!

This isn’t the first blog I have written, I have dabbled in blog writing before but this time I am taking on a different approach. Whereas before my blogs were always more like diaries, keeping my loved ones in the UK up to date on what we were doing I now want to be more honest about the day to day life of being a single Mum of four and living in a foreign country.

Being here and having not been able to secure a job I do have some free time during school days. I am trying now to utilise my time and improve my photography and also learn how to sew. I do hope you will join me on this journey and feel free to throw some hints and tips my way!

I am also trying to secure my children’s visas so that we can all move back to the UK. The past few years have not been easy here as I have struggled with no salary. I have been working towards moving to the UK for a long time but it is a very long journey full of long waits and set backs. Whilst I do realise and understand the importance of my children having a connection with their roots and culture I also see a huge importance on them growing up within their extended families. When I was nine my brother sadly passed away but I was very close to my two cousins and my Aunt and Uncle, also my Maternal grandparents were a huge part of my life. Whilst we have made some very good friends here, some of whom we consider family, the expat community is a very fluid one and people come and go regularly which is something the children and I all find very difficult. I can not wait to be in the UK and for my children to build relationships with our extended family who are all ready and waiting to welcome us with open arms.

Thats all for today as the children are ready and waiting to read their bedtime stories!

Peace and love, Claire x

A view from our house, Mt Meru! I am not a complete beginner when it comes to photography.

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