Rain, Rain and yet More Rain!

This year has been the weirdest year weather wise, it started in January when we had rains. In my almost seven years of being here I have NEVER known it to rain in January. Well it wasn’t too heavy and apparently when I was in the UK it stopped, albeit briefly! Then the rains came back with a vengeance, I have never known such heavy rains. The streets turn to rivers, houses have been washed away, bridges have been washed away leaving main roads inaccessible, roads left impassable, the rains really are causing devastation. I hear that there have been fifteen reported deaths in connection with the rains, though I suspect there are likely more. If ever I go out I see cars stuck, just outside our house there is a corner that trucks come round to go to the quarry to collect stones. I hear them daily revving their engines, trying in vain to get out of the mud, people come running with spades and bricks to try to help them out. The other day my friend’s husband helped someone get unstuck, the poor guy had been shoveling at the mud for six hours! Sometimes you can literally hear the rain coming, it getting louder as it gets closer and closer until suddenly you are in the middle of a storm!

The rain often keeps me awake at night or wakes me in the early hours, last night, it did just that but I must have managed to get back to sleep again. At around 7 am we woke up to the sound of rain drops pounding on the roof, it was also so much darker than usual. I looked outside my window and the rain was so thick you could barely see more than a few metres ahead. We all had breakfast and got ready and luckily the rain had died down a little by the time we set of for the five minute walk to school. Well our garden for a start is like a swimming pool, get out onto the road and it is like a gushing river running down the middle, we walked in ankle deep mud and rain to get to school. Layla slipped over but luckily they all had spare clothes in their bags. I really wish I had got a video of them wading in the water in the morning, by the time I got the video on the way home in the afternoon the water had drastically reduced. On the way home from school Bella fell over in the mud, all over her white leggings, why oh why did I let her wear those this morning?

Along with the rains come the desperate attempts to keep muddy, wet footprints out of the house. To rinse out muddy clothes and rinse of muddy shoes to try to keep some kind of order and then of course you have the laundry, trying to keep up on laundry for a family as big as mine at a time when you can’t even stick it outside to dry, well that is fun and games. But, whilst I may have the inconvenience of laundry hanging all around my house and the frustration of yet another set of muddy footprints along the clean floor, it is those who are less fortunate than myself who I feel for during this difficult time. Those who live in a house mad of mud and straw, those who live on the streets, those whose houses have been washed away, those who have to walk miles to collect clean drinking water or to go to school, those whose fields of crops have been completely flooded and ruined  and those whose businesses don’t do well at times like this. These are the people who I hold in my thoughts daily and I know that these rains will pass and I hope these beautiful people are able to rebuild their lives.

Please click here to see the video, the video is too big for me to upload here and I have been trying to open a YouTube account for all of ‘My Four and I’s’ videos but I am having trouble in doing so!

Peace and love, Claire x


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