Relaxing With Jack

I only send Jack to school Monday to Thursday because he gets tired very easily and he manages better with a three day weekend. I am thankful that here I do have the flexibility to make such choices for my children. We usually just relax on a Friday, playing, watching TV, iPad time, whatever he wants to do really. Today we made paper airplanes and also did some colouring. You know those adult colouring books you can buy? I grabbed one for 33p in a charity shop when I was home, it is great fun, Jack had his dot-to-dot book.

Proudly showing off his ‘Jack John James Jumbo Jets’ we had races across the room!!

Friday afternoons is rugby for Alfie, this week I was thankful for great friends who took Alfie, Layla and Bella with them so our Jack and Mummy day continued longer than it usually does.

Peace and love, Claire x

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